Its time to fly high

We must have heard people saying ‘you must work hard to achieve something’. This is true but has become an understatement. Hard work doesn’t feel amazing right? lets replace it by calling loving the work. This suits better.

We all go through some high spirited moments and low moments. We hand over our emotional stats to our life circumstances. Don’t be foolish to think that if you achieve a certain thing then only will you be happy and proud of yourself. Don’t feel self pity when you get scolded by someone. Don’t feel lack of yourself when you feel you are standing near a topper or national level champion. Don’t consider your friends, partners or the people to show you your worth. You yourself is enough to tag yourself whatever you wish to.

Ever noticed why same kind of people keep scoring high in exams every time or same olympic champions winning medals over medals? Thats because they always considered themselves being capable of that and their belief kept strengthening every time they achieved it. They feel its much easier and no big deal for them.  Most of us have the feeling that ‘i want that mahn, but its out of my reach.’ Thats the belief you created by yourself. You keep facing this because you have transfixed your vision that only after certain parameters I can win that.  Well no one can define a true successful person because not every one wants to a top scorer, not everyone wants to be a millionaire or a champion or an actor or doctor or or or or or or…………

Its necessary when you are on a way to achieve something, don’t keep looking for signs and don’t wait for people to come up to you and say you can do it. Imagine you are on a journey to reach a certain destination. At start you are well turbocharged with confidence and excitement. As you go further you get bogged down by weary hills, constant turns, the amount of time it is taking to reach and seeing no major change for prolonged period of time. The more agitated you feel about the time and speed breakers the more  you are spoiling the fun of the journey and making the destination look like major necessity. Remember seeing something as necessity is more desperation than anticipation. You will borne the benefits and accomplishment only when you love the process of it. Ever heard of an aeroplane taking off directly without a runaway and winds against it.?

Enjoy the journey! Enjoy the scenes you view up there on the hill, enjoy the path leading you towards it, enjoy every turn you take out of effortlessness and enjoy every moment of the time because it is preparing you for something great ahead. At that time you will feel you reached the destination quite early and didn’t even realize about the hours. Don’t pay a heed to the signals and kilometers boards.

Remember the more you cling with what it is, the more you are blocking for the thing what you want to see. We are always capable to achieve anything we want. Feel like an achiever now itself. Nothing is impossible. Then why worry about it. Flow free and effortlessly without attaching oneself too much with the outcome. Stop the desperation and then you will see how easily and amazingly your dreams come to you.  🙂

Wishing joy,

lubaina ❤






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