Blooming like a flower,
Flowing like an endless river,
I grew up into a free will traveller,
Who kept unfolding her path,
Following the rhythm of her heart.

On days when I remained stuck in downtrodden setbacks,
Pounding into struggle,
At the same moment I fix wracks,
Incessantly striving for triumph as high as an Eagle.

I rejoice in wearing an invisible crown,
Seeing around through the eyes of prestige,
Alluring with flakes of sunshine and moonlit Brow,                                                                    Merely dancing in joy so enriched.

I saw shortcomings and victories coming to me,
Like pilot steering the ship,
I love to ponder upon the fantasy of the pink sea,
And explore the world in a round trip.

This is how I learnt walking persistently,
Trusting every mile ahead of me,
Marking a new a milestone entirely,
I was born to shine and not to live under a mundane tree.
Lubaina 🙂




2 thoughts on “Traveller

  1. Lubaina, I know you have really high hopes, what I didn’t know is whether you were preparing to succeed- Now I know you are. You’re a Good girl.


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