Crying, A bad thing?

screenshot_2016-04-08-22-27-361.jpgThis topic is something I needed to come up with.  Throughout my life I have been the person who start sobbing quite easily specially during my school days. I have had people pointing out that to be a sign of weakness. Really?

I never got a chance to explain my self therefore thought writing would be the best way.

I don’t regard crying as a weakness because crying is a way of uplifting person from the negativity. Confused?

Let me explain better, we start crying mostly when we face a contrast in what we always love to see. Mostly sensitive people go through such emotion. They feel the contrast on a very high level. They sense things more closely. They can’t tolerate harshness. They mostly become too sensitive about the people they meet.

Crying helps them to get back to alignment.

They care more about others feeling than concentrating on themselves. Therefore they get hurt easily too.

I had the habit to please others in order to attract love from them. The more hard I tried the more I would end up hurting myself.Trying made me realize more of the lack. It was then I understood at the later stage that the only person I should love is myself. When i started doing this and didn’t pay much heed to others I started having more and more people around me, adoring me and i too had the energy to shower love to them.  I didn’t believe in staying in specific groups. I don’t believe there should be any boundary between groups or castes of people. I meet every person and share moments with everyone. I see only  abundance. Being sad helped me to recognize that.

People also cry because they are way more ambitious towards their goal and have the tendency to breakdown every time when they hit the hurdle. Crying helps them to shed off the pain gear up again to climb up with new energy. Crying is not the sign of weakness its in fact a way to learn from contrast on what we actually like to have. It makes one more and more stronger.

Hope I succeeded…….

Lubaina 🙂









6 thoughts on “Crying, A bad thing?

  1. Good one. Hopefully this will help me and others who are reading this. Good points you have mentioned here. Keep it up. Proud of you. Happy to see you write.


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