What exactly is Karma ?

Hey guys we all must have come across this word. We have been taught throughout our lives that our deeds decide what we shall receive. If we do good we receive good things and if we do something bad we get bad things. however i would like to clarify on this.

What is karma?

Definition : ‘Every action has a cause and effect.’

There are two types of karma, the instant karma and the karma resulted from the past life and its effect on this life.

Well before i explain karma its important to realize who we are.

We are spiritual beings transmitted in the physical body. If we look closer to our palm with microscope you will see millions of cell forming and splitting. We always radiate some kind of energy in the universe. Its important to realize every human being is connected to everything on this planet with certain kind of energy. We can’t see it but it exists. When we realize this it will be easier to accept the fact that we receive things according to what kind of energy we are sending out.

One day, I left home for college in a very frustrating mood. I had quarrels with my parents. However on my way to college i found everything spiraling to make conditions difficult for me. I was stuck in an immovable traffic, delayed trains and surging crowd. I ended up reaching late to college, stood quite in front of scoldings, squabbling with my friends and kept piling on work load throughout the day.  In short whole day went in a mess. This is what an instant karma is. I was in a bad mood and kept radiating negative energy attracting negative things towards me.

I don’t believe in our lives being ruled by our deeds of past life. We don’t even know what sins we created, this limits our possibility to expand our life. If it exist everyone will resist when they wish for something. As I said we are spiritual beings and through our powers we can chose as to what we want and what we don’t. Either bad or good, it depends on which side you focus more.

It is the connection of your thoughts with your inner being. If you are thinking of something and your inner being agrees to you on that it becomes a positive form of energy. The inner being is what guides a person. It differs from person to person. If you think of something and your inner being does not agree to it ( you feel the feeling of guilt or bad ), this forms negative energy.

However to sustain good energy try to feel good, perform gratitude, don’t hurt others and love yourself.

Lubaina 🙂





6 thoughts on “What exactly is Karma ?

  1. This is so well written and I completely agree with the explanation you put forward for this. Many people have a misconception regarding the above mentioned term. Beautiful work Lubaina. So inspired and proud.


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