Dreams which seem much beyond the limit,
Reaching out to those persistently is our spirit.

Breaking the myth of aesthetic illusion,
We are those futuretechs who design for endless generation.

We are those thinking hats whose brain is crammed with what and why,
Giving meaning to the art of living and allowing the beauty to amplify.

Dedicating sleepless nights,
Wandering in the tangles of spatial delights.
We design like those who devour in nature,
Spurred with passion to gift a new culture.

We are those arches that embellish the formation,
Befriending with the habitat in the host of admiration.

We are the planners that believe, act and aspire with confidence,
Diligently striving with unwavering hope of accomplishment.

We design for delivering the experience of splendor,
Expanding with the passion of going higher and higher.

Walking ahead with steadfast footsteps and broadening prospects,
To mark the legendary emblem because we are the futuretechs.

Lubaina 🙂


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