Unconditional love

Hey guys..  It’s been really long time since I have posted the previous blog.

I have come up  with a very beautiful topic.  This is not to teach anyone but also to remind myself. This is something which I learnt through life experiences maybe some months, years ago or more before but for the first time realized it happening with me too.
Why do you love a guy/girl? Why do you love your friends? Why do you love your folks? Because who they are?  Because what they do? If you love them because of what they do then your love is conditional.  I feel most of the people love conditionally.
If they do things you don’t like.  We get mad at them. Start disliking them. They have to change for you to be happy. But they want to accepted the way they are, loved the way they are. It makes them unhappy if we are unhappy because of them.
This is not only about romantic relationships but also about all kind of people we are associated with.
Absolutely. They have the capacity to be infinite joy, and unconditional love as you do.  We are all completely whole and perfect in ourselves entirely. It’s just that we need to learn and embrace that concept. Have you ever heard the phrase “See somebody as wonderful and they will rise to meet your expectations”???  It’s completely accurate. Loving unconditionally means loving a person REGARDLESS of the current conditions….. So that means seeing them in their perfection right now, and celebrating that. They absolutely will rise to meet your expectations. You will only elicit wonderful responses from them if you stay as positive and loving with them. Love is the only thing that can bind and attract souls together even if they aren’t in contact for now.  It has been said that we love the most who are too far from us, there is always an urge to meet them. This is regarding to only some people. Maybe it’s a sign that there is something really special about them. There are way too many patterns but seeing all relations through the eyes of beauty is what the best way to escape from fights and arguments. I too go through this but forgive very easily shedding off the load over me and send love.
Love is a very beautiful thing so embrace it so much that soon you will be surrounded with loads and loads of amazing surprises. It is the most powerful energy you can emit and bring about a huge change in your life. 

Lots of love.


Lubaina 🙂



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