Forming the nucleus of friendship



Friendships indeed are the union of two or more souls which expand as a well being. All Friendships or relationships are different from person to person. Friends are those who join you in your journey of co creating more experiences.  We have so many people who help us amplify.

Sometimes just walking through an airport, you can have a really meaningful experience with someone and you never even learn their name.

We live in an ever expanding universe and we all are gradually broadening our circles everyday. It is however important to let go of the attachment with friends. Wait don’t snap at me.

Don’t you feel the pain when you keep clinging to someone and the moment you engage in a fight you sink into low moments. But once you surrender any expectation from anyone that time you are more in a mode of receiving more.  Not only this when you are too much consumed in a particular group or people you are blocking the prospects to explore more with others or with yourself.

I don’t claim at mastering this. I myself unknowingly attach my happiness with people and they promptly fail at satisfying me in the ride.  It is not their fault either because they cant read your inner being. When i feel hurt, I console myself that nothing is permanent. Things change and moreover I have me. I shouldn’t feel the need of anyone. Trust me that surrender of attachment was so peaceful and felt so free.

Even after you get married, you still have to let go of the attachment to the person ( unless you want to be miserable). Your life does not depend on anybody. And At that point you turn every relationship revived forever.

Friendships or any relationship are designed to force you to overcome your own ego self issues. Just to name few – i have had to overcome jealousy, possessiveness, control etc  to keep up my relationships with people. Being easily hurt is difficult on my part, but as we say we are always growing and improving.  So am I.

The other thing which we all need to understand is if you cannot keep the love and care centered around yourself, the people around you repel because you send out an energy which is contradicting to both. The more good you be to yourself the more good you become to others. This is how co creation runs hand in hand.


Lubaina 🙂





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