Joy of solitude


The joy is immeasurable when you dwell among the woods, gentle streams, bustling bees, chirping birds and the balmy weather around you.

It feels like ease to see the streams flow gently,

Crashing against the rocks and fading entirely.

It feels so tranquil to sink in the sound of leaves ,

Mingling among themselves to add to the nature’s own melody.

It feels so soothing standing beneath comfort of the shade,

Formed due to the emergence of the trees orchestrating like a parade.

It feels like joy seeing the birds singing cuckoo or trill,

While galloping from one wood to another tuned in their soft jingle.

It feels amusing to explore through the minute details and enrapture

the sight of leaves, trunks and birds in every element of nature.

It feels like warmth when you rub your hands constantly,

And place it on your cheeks and realize how everything around you is energy.

It feels like happiness to realize that even when you stand alone,

You don’t feel lonely in the love of nature and everything in its borne.

Nature always loves to serve you pleasure with its enormity.

Engulf in it,  embrace the never ending joy of its beauty.

Then you will feel invigorated in the true sense,

Mesmerized in your own world formed of passionate essence.


lubaina 🙂



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