Love or Fear


I sit holding deep inside in me so many beliefs,

Making me enliven and also wallow in griefs.

What should I do to become as peaceful as a sky dove?

Should I fight my fears or stand strong with undying love?

No matter what, you cannot carry in both

Because fear will cripple you with loathe.

But love will give you the wings to fully cherish,

The flight through the triumphant clouds embellished.

Fear pushes you down to the comfort of miseries,

Making you deaf and blind towards possibilities.

Love will empower you to outgrow all the odds,

And let you believe in your dreams with no doubts.

Fear arises when you fixate too long on the hows and whens

It pinches in your stomach when you wonder if it never comes.

But love will address it all since it wins against anything, every time,

It makes you worthy of all the sparkles you call forth without chime.

Let go of the fear that holds you back from enjoying the sunshine

Live the love you are blessed with every day, like the moon in dark time.

Lubaina 🙂


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