2015-04-04-15-28-12-345This blog is to look at things from a different perspective and to align with our inner well-being. I am more of spiritual person who loves interpreting things based on my life experience and giving it more an optimistic approach. We have been born to expand our well-being and enhancing our experiences. We all are always expanding. We all are always creating new desires and writing our own story.  It just that it is always your intuition which is always there to guide you and it never fails.




Is my life perfect? Nope. Never will. I guess this is not a bad thing. Imagine how boring it would become when all areas of our lives are perfect and there is no new aim or desire to achieve. We are here to expand and co create experiences. Each new desire attained sets up a whole new vista to see new desires from. I am really happy the way i have worked a lot better so far.   And it’s only getting wider and life giving.