Contrast is beautiful


It’s so pleasing to write spiritual after long time. I realised from past weeks how many times life presents you with things just to test whether you are ready enough to fulfill your ambition.  So many beautiful and unpleasant things comes along our way and we simply become the prisoners of emotions. This is where contrast came to my picture.
The evolution of our expansion is born out of contrast.  When we see things happening which we don’t want,  we realise what we actually do want.  This is where you launch your thoughts of desire. When we were asked in childhood what we would like to become when we grow up,  we would get so anticipated and chirpy to dream ourselves in future.
Things like flying with a wind laden balloon seemed so exhilarating and getting a toffee from an uncle made us smile. We had thousand ways to find happiness in every small thing.  When we grew older we got more clear with logic and lost faith in fantasies.
Now that we are grown ups we analyse more on the possibilities and get offended by taunts easily. We find things don’t happen easily start giving up hope too soon. So when we face failure,  hunger or a fight,  our inner being let us know how it feels simply through our emotions.  We try to see what can be done to improve our state.
Recently I have been thinking… contrast is everywhere. If you go outside, you’ll see all kinds of variations in the cars vs buildings, vs streets, vs birds, vs people. There are bikes, foods, clothing, metals, rubber, speakers, technology, water, fire, air…. all with different contrasting set ups. Even music contrasts with itself, that’s what makes it music! You’ve got the low end vs high end. Guitars vs drum beats, and silence vs sounds. It’s all technically “contrasting” right? Even for an artist without contrast no painting would look good.

Well, each thing has a unique essence. Our desires are born from “contrast”, knowing we want this vs that. Contrast isn’t “bad”,  it is in itself a fascination. When we resonate our inner being, we are inspired towards desires in such a way that we simply see them happening, and we achieve that vby facing the lack. The lack helps us realise we still need to work and prepare for our desires.
There will always be that you don’t want in your experience. It is eternal. And your desire to experience what you do want is also eternal. And the basis of life is inevitable existence, life is unstoppable. Well being, which is us is always there. Your awareness that you exist and desire to choose where you wanna focus on is always there, and it is a blessing, not a curse. It is a never-ending expansion, never-ending joy. Give yourself to the only stream that ever exists and end your suffering. Go with its flow.
Simply don’t get downtrodden with the things happening against your will.  Start loving the contrast and feel free of pain. Moreover contrast is what which leads to creation.  Contrast is simply our friend who guides us towards our expansion.  Good riddance!

Lubaina 🙂

Consumed by Laziness

Haa Haa,  being lazy is so much fun. Sometimes I feel like I’m stopping myself from doing the things that I desire to do for plain laziness! Simple procrastination!  There are so many productive things I plan to do.
Of course if it was some incredibly exciting thing I wouldn’t feel anything holding me back.. But it’s definitely more exciting being lazy and staying in bed for another two hours..

Laziness, in my experience, is generally a good feeling thing. . . it’s more of a lolling about, resting in the feeling of softness, and just taking it slow and easy.

Then I learnt something great from my teacher Abe.
We cant stop doing something that we are focused on doing, because our attention on it activates it.
But what you can do is reach for relief, be easier on yourself about it.
Also being consciously aware of it, without judgement can sometimes help to understand what energy are we going about.

I guess it can be about many things, only you will be able to know.
Listen to yourself, to see if you can get to know more about your vibration and what its about.
If you feel like you want to procrastinate it simply means your energy is not lined up about it.

Line up your energy with what you want to do and the inspiration – the good feeling positive fun inspiration to do it – will come. The same goes for things you think you “have to do” – choose to line up with doing it or not doing it and you will feel ease about it too.

You may feel a but resistant for that.  What I simply understood is whenever I did things because “I had to do ” it never turned out excellent or satisfactory.  I used to do them half hearted and things didn’t go well henceforth.

If you don’t feel inspired to do whatever it is that you want to do, then most likely you haven’t lined up your energy with it. Else you couldn’t WAIT to do that thing.

Then it’s absolutely great to keep reminding yourself
That it’s fine if I don’t feel exhilarated to do something, 
I have endless opportunities,
They will become the way I wish it to be, 
And I am going to chill about such certainties.

I wouldn’t do something which does not make my heart sing,
So you will say,  that choice doesn’t seem to be there,
We would say hang around a bit, 
Uplift yourself and wait for something to make your heart sing,
And then we’d jump with all our four feet.


Lubaina 🙂